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Renewable energy


The electrical grid of tomorrow is vastly different from today's, as the global transition to clean energy accelerates towards ambitious targets, energy storage solutions that can supply power and support grid services will become increasingly crucial. Combining low-cost, decentralized renewable energy with grid-scale storage will expedite decarbonization efforts. Therefore, it's essential for energy users to adopt storage technologies that are flexible, safe, and durable. Today, Elastic Energy's Batteries are setting new standards for what battery storage can achieve.
One solution to address all market segments

Green Energy Turbines

We address the biggest markets in the transition to a better and more reliable future:

Stationary Energy Storage (2022): USD 37.5 billion 

CO2 Capture (2022): USD 3.3 billion

Source: Grand View Research

Great for backup power during outages or for energy management to reduce utility bills, Elastic Energy solutions do not need to be placed in regularly serviceable areas like attics or basements, unlike Li-ion batteries. Their groundbreaking safety achievements pave the way for storage integration in existing homes as well as new building scenarios. They can be installed out of sight and mind, since almost no maintenance is needed. Their long lifetime offers homeowners the greatest peace of mind for their energy security.
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The ideal solution for demand charge avoidance, resiliency, and achieving corporate sustainability goals, Elastic Energy Storage offer industry-leading safety behavior, allowing for use in areas never before considered for commercial and industrial energy storage projects. Unique, building-integrated solutions make the most effective use of commercial space. Vessels can be stacked in ways that Li-ion batteries cannot, offering countless new ways to efficiently deploy storage in commercial and industrial markets. Our Batteries can be easily integrated into basements, underground, or even directly within the walls/structure of new constructions.
Energy Utilities
Elastic Energy Storage Vessels can meet the application needs of any system owner/operator, from frequency and voltage regulation to capacity firming. No augmentation or gross oversizing is necessary, ensuring large-scale project profitability for the lifetime of the system. Significantly lower OPEX can be achieved compared to Li-ion systems, eliminating variables that can threaten consistent revenue stacking. While Li-ion supply chain volatility can jeopardize project pipelines, Energy Storage Vessels are made from common materials found in abundance.
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